Heated Sprays

Many materials are difficult to spray due to high viscosities, or because they do not flow or are solid at room temperature. Spraying Systems Co. offers automated systems intended to heat and regulate the flow of these materials; without which it would not be possible to generate a adequately atomized spray.

Typical uses for heated sprays include:

  • Heated chocolate (or other materials) in the Food Processing industry
  • Heated materials in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve specific material properties
  • Heated cleaning material in tank cleaning applications

Typical testing at Spraying Systems Co. with heated materials usually include a rheological assessment of the material pre/post heating, heated system settings optimization, and often conveyor testing for proper target coating.

B699B: AccuCoat® MV10
Heated Spray System
B554: Heat
B694A: AccuCoat® R&D Heated Spray System