The petrochemical industry typically uses sprays to cool or clean gaseous flows in a tower or piping system. Spray Analysis and Research Services is uniquely suited to optimize this type of application having access to state-of-the-art spray measurement instruments, and as well as established computational modeling capabilities with years of experience accurately optimizing these scenarios. Past research efforts have first optimized the gas stream, followed by optimal placement and operation of the spray/nozzle/lance systems.

Spray engineers will work with you in any of these petrochemical processes:

  • Defoaming or wash water
  • Feed injection
  • Steam quench
  • Slurry backflush
  • Glycol/corrosion inhibitor injection
  • Torch oil
  • Regenerator bypass
  • Gas cooling or SNCR and SCR NOx control
  • Desuperheating
  • Sulfur guns

Nozzle placement and orientation may be optimized through spray modeling and testing efforts allow detailed information on the spray characteristics for input to these models.

B617A: Injector Optimization Refinery
B597: Gas Cooling
Primary Metals