400 Series: Spray Technology Seminar
Special Focus on Pharmaceuticals

The 400 level of the seminar series, the Spray Technology Seminar, provides an extensive, in-depth overview and discussion about the atomization process, nozzle technology, and state-of-the-art methods available to engineers. The Spray Technology Seminar includes both classroom instruction as well as laboratory demonstrations of the wide array of nozzle products offered by Spraying Systems Co. The demonstrations will be conducted in our spray laboratory in the Spraying Systems Northeast Spray Technology Center. In this special pharmaceutical applications focused event, products and application examples are tuned to address the spray solutions most often encountered in this industry.

If you’re involved in the development or production of pharmaceuticals, attend our two-day seminar to gain a better understanding of the science of spray technology. You’ll learn about:

  • Advanced testing and modeling options to determine the optimal way to coat new formulations or produce powders with uniform particle size
  • Different nozzle designs and which deliver the best performance in various coating and spray drying operations
  • How to optimize operations to ensure uniform coverage and precise coating weight and eliminate quality problems caused by uneven coatings
  • How to reduce costs by minimizing overspray problems and eliminate coating waste
  • Ways to minimize downtime caused by messy, dangerous overspray and plugged nozzles

Held twice annually. Rotating industry focus. Contact your local sales representative for scheduling and availability.

“Easily the most useful and immediately applicable class I’ve been to with regards to clearly recognizable cost savings potential." - Recent Seminar Attendee